Effects of Unions

  • Higher wages
    • $917 / week for union members
    • $717 / week for nonunion employees
  • Job security
    • Union members
      • Can only be fired for “just cause.”
      • Grievance procedures and arbitration protect employees
    • Nonunion employees work “at will”
      • Can be terminated for any reason, or no reason
      • No collective bargaining protection or grievance procedures
  • Medical benefits
    • More insurance
      • 93% of union members have medical benefits
      • 69% of nonunion employees
    • Better insurance
      • For union members employer paid
        • 89% of the insurance premium for the union member
        • 82% of the insurance premium for family members
      • For nonunion employees, employer paid
        • 79% of the insurance premium for the employee
        • 66% of the insurance premium for family members
  • Retirement benefits
    • 93% of union members have retirement benefits
    • 64% of nonunion employees have retirement benefits


  • 1935 the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) guaranteed the rights of private sector employees to organize into labor unions
  • 1947 the Taft-Hartley Act amended the NLRA
    • Allows individual states to pass Right to Work laws
    • Right to Work laws:
      • Prevent unions from negotiating contracts requiring companies to fire workers who refuse to join the union
      • Prohibit unions from collecting union dues from employees that are not members of the union.  Effectively making union dues voluntary.

24 States have Right to Work laws

Effect of Right to Work laws

  • Union is the employee’s exclusive bargaining agent
  • Union is required to represent every employee
  • Employee is bound by the union contract
  • Employee is not required to
    • Join the union
    • Pay union dues

Why all the fuss about Right to Work laws?

  • Erroneous perception that Unions do not act in the best interest of employees
  • Problem of “freeloading”
    • People generally will not pay for a benefit they perceive they can get for free
    • Active participation in, and financial support of, voluntary organizations tends to decline over time




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It should be unlawful to loan money when any part of the repayment of the loan is contingent on the outcome of litigation.

–This would prohibit lawyers from paying court costs and other fees to sustain litigation for clients. It would also prohibit lawyers from “advancing” the cost of higher experts to their clients.

–This would prohibit “litigation loans” from any source

Limit on the amount of any contingent fee

–Contingent fee cannot be greater than 1 ½ times the hourly rate of the highest paid defense attorney working on the case.

This combination of reforms would reduce the probability that lawyers would advance questionable or frivolous claims in hopes of “winning the lottery.”  It would not affect the ability of plaintiffs who suffered legitimate injury to be fully compensated for the injury.  Nor would it affect the ability of the court system to encourage responsible behavior through the imposition of exemplary and / or punitive damages.

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The following entities should be required to recycle / compost 100% of all solid waste generated by the entity

–All Federal agencies

–All solid waste management companies doing business with Federal agencies

–All State and local governments that receive Federal funds

–All waste management companies doing business with state and local governments that receive Federal funds

Existing landfills may be “mined” for recyclables

Owners of existing landfills may choose to deed them to the Federal government

–If a landfill is deeded to the Federal government, the BLM will remove and recycle all waste in the landfill

–After all waste is removed the landfill will be designated wilderness area and administered by the USFS

Using non-toxic solid waste to create artificial reefs may be considered recycling

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Convert FEMA into Federal property insurance umbrella

–If real property is damaged or destroyed by a natural disaster State Government can petition for FEMA funds

–If State petitions for FEMA funds individual property owners in the designated disaster area have the option of accepting FEMA funds

If the property owner accepts FEMA funds

–FEMA pays the property owner the value of the property as assessed by State or local government for property tax purposes

–FEMA destroys any structures on the property, including removing any impermeable surfaces

  • FEMA then designates the property as wilderness
  • The property is then administered by USFS as wilderness area

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Tax Reform

Saving and Capital Investment are the foundation of a healthy economy

Responsible Spending is the foundation of good Government

The current Tax Code discourages

  • Saving
  • Capital Investment, and
  • Responsible Spending

We need to revise the Tax Code to:

  • Reward saving and Capital Investment
  • Discourage Spending
  • End Income Tax withholding.  Ending Income Tax withholding will eliminate hidden taxation. This will force the Government to be responsible with our tax dollars.

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Second Amendment


Amendment II

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

As your Representative I will work to:

  • Repeal Legislation that infringes on our individual right to bear arms.
  • Pass Legislation that protects law-abiding citizens from unreasonable searches and seizures by Federal Law Enforcement.
  • Limit the President’s power to infringe on our individual right to bear arms by executive order.

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Saving Social Security

Expand Social Security so that every American that reaches the retirement age receives benefits regardless of work history.  Retirement / Eligibility age should be tied to the the year in which the person was born

Remove the Social Security Tax cap. Every American should pay Social Security tax on every dollar earned.

Expand Medicare to cover all Americans from birth

Expanding Social Security and Medicare eliminates the need for direct payments to individuals for

  • Disability
  • Survivor Benefits

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