Election Reform

1 62.98% R 37.02% D
2 63.78% D 36.22% R
3 100.00% R —- —-
4 73.57% D 26.43% R
5 84.39% D 15.61% R
6 64.51% R 35.49% D
7 72.97% R 27.03% D
8 100.00% R —- —-
9 (open) 76.18% R 23.82% D
10 100.00% R —- —-
11 68.55% R 31.45% D
12 53.70% D 46.30% R
13 71.74% D 28.26% R
14 72.97% R 27.03% D

Every Elected Official has a term limit of ONE.

Why do we keep electing the same ineffective Representatives?

Because State Legislatures decide the election before a single vote is cast.

We need a Constitutional Amendment that stops State Legislatures from setting districts for Federal Elections.

The result of such an Amendment would be:

  • Repeal the 17th Amendment. This will restore the basic principles of Federalism and give the state legislatures a direct say in national issues.
  • Require that all U.S. Representatives are elected in state-wide elections. The apportionment formula would not change. Georgia, for example, is entitled to 14 Representatives under the apportionment formula.  There would be at least 14 candidates.  If Democrats and Republicans nominated one candidate for each seat there would be 28 candidates. If other parties also nominated candidates there could be more. No matter how many candidates appear on the ballot, each voter would be allowed to vote for one candidate. The top 14 vote getters would be the people’s Representatives in Congress.  This system would prevent state legislatures from gerrymandering districts to “fix” the election before any votes are cast.

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