There are 566 recognized Indian Tribes living on more than 600 reservations

Hard facts if you are Native American:

INDICATOR General Pop Indian Pop
W/O HS Diploma 15% 24%
Bachelor Degree or higher 28% 13%
Collecting Disability 12% 16%
In Labor Force 65% 50%
Unemployed 6% 16%
Mean Earning $69,918.00 $49,876.00
Median household income $50,221.00 $35,381.00
Per capita income $26,409.00 $16,161.00
No health insurance 15% 29%
Poverty rate (all families) 11% 23%

Why? The reservation system has effectively created ethnic ghettos that keep Native Americans segregated and poor. A system which segregates and punishes a segment of society based on ethnicity is inherently unjust.

We need to eradicate this injustice.

We need to:

  • Eliminate the Bureau of Indian Affairs.
  • Form each tribe into a Federally Chartered co-op.
    • Transfer all tribal assets, including all reservation land, to the co-op. This will effectively liquidate all reservations.
    • Each member of the tribe owns one share of the co-op
    • Set the initial value of the co-op shares by:
      • Determining the total value of all property held by the tribe;
      • Dividing that number by the number of members of the tribe.
    • Co-op shares are transferrable without limitation
    • Co-op manages its affairs in accordance with applicable State laws of the State in which the reservation was located

Tribes will be able maintain their cultural heritage through civic and cultural organizations.


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