Congress should eliminate the President’s authority to designate national monuments by executive order

Disposition of existing National Monuments created by executive order

  • Congress should review each existing National Monument and decides whether to designate it a National Park
  • If Congress does not designate it a National Park the land should be auctioned with no minimum bid
  • Any person or entity, except the Federal Government, may bid

Management of National Parks

National Parks should be managed to facilitate pedestrian use

  • Existing hard surface roads and trails should be upgraded to water-permeable hard surfaces
  • Bicycles should be allowed on all hard surface roads and trails
  • Roads and trails should be improved to ADA compliant to the extent possible
  • Privately Operated Vehicles should generally be prohibited within a National Park.  Exceptions should be allowed for:
    • Highways that go through the park but are not designed to facilitate access to the park
    • People that live in the National Park
    • Utility and supply vehicles for vendors licensed to do business within the park
  • Parking structures large enough to accommodate peak visitors should be built at each park entrance
  • Mass transit should be used on existing hard surface roads.

All electricity should be provided by solar power generated and stored on site

All other power and heat should be provided by wood fires

  • Wood for fires should be salvaged from dead wood salvaged from within a national park
  • Each park should burn dead wood salvaged from within the park first
  • If sufficient wood cannot be salvaged to meet the park’s needs, the park can purchase wood salvaged from other national parks

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