Pro-Union, Pro-Manufacturing, & Pro-America

Being pro-union is, in fact, being pro-workerpro-manufacturing, pro-growth, and pro-America!

  • We must reign in burdensome regulation.
    • Collective bargaining results in:
      • Safer work places
      • Higher pay
      • Better benefits
    • Without collective bargaining, Government regulators attempt to fill the void between Corporations and workers.  This always results in burdensome regulation that serves neither workers nor employers.  Consequently, we have:
      • Federal Regulation that costs $1.75 trillion each year
      • Inflationary wage policy
      • The most expensive health care system in the world
  • We must support our workforce by creating sound policy
    • Unions support our workforce
    • Without unions workers have no voice
  • We must do more to create jobs
    • Every year union apprenticeships train more than 450,000 workers for high skilled, high paying jobs
    • Government jobs programs fail to prepare workers for manufacturing jobs
    • Colleges have crushed America’s youth under $1.2 trillion in student loan debt.  Most college graduates do not have the minimum skills required to take America’s best paying jobs.  In 2011,
      • The average U.S. manufacturing worker earned, $77,060
      • The average worker earned on $56,436

I pledge to make supporting workers rights to organize my top legislative priority.
Join me in the fight to reverse the destruction of America’s middle class.
Together we can:

  • End burdensome regulation, and
  • Create high paying, high skill manufacturing jobs

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