Health Care Reform That Works

Requiring all Americans to have health insurance will not solve the problems of the health care system. Requiring all drivers to have car insurance does not reduce traffic congestion. Insurance does not address the root problem. Health care in America costs too much. More insurance will not reduce the cost of health care. It is likely to have the opposite effect.

For 50 years Medicare has been providing quality health care. It is time to expand Medicare to cover all Americans. This eliminates the need for:

  • The Affordable Care Act “Obamacare”;
  • Medicaid;
  • Direct payments for Social Security Disability;
  • Tax incentives for private insurance;
  • All other Government subsidies related to health care.

The cost savings from ending these programs would pay for the Medicare expansion.

Expanding Medicare will:

  • Provide quality health care for every American. Access to Medicare could be limited to citizens.
  • Promote growth by eliminating the need for private health insurance. Health insurance costs are one of the biggest barriers that entrepreneurs face when deciding to start a business.
  • Allow resources that are now being wasted on fraud, insurance, and lawyers to be redirected to providing care.

Expanded Medicare would work much like the current system.  No one would be required to participate in Medicare.  However, it would be available to all who choose to use the system.  Deciding not to use Medicare would not relieve a person from paying taxes that support the system.


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