We Can Save the World!

I have been watching the spread of, and response to, Ebola since the first outbreak was reported in Lofa County Liberia in March 2014.  The hysteria about Ebola has spread much faster that the disease.

Ebola provides America with a unique opportunity to lead.  We know very little about this disease.  We do, however, know that it can be contained.  We need to be able to study it to find a cure.

I recommend that our Ebola response show true leadership.  We should fly every Ebola patient to a designated medical facility in the U.S.  The Air Force has a fleet of hospital planes and multiple bases that would be perfect for this mission.  There are multiple closed and abandoned hospitals near the CDC in Metro Atlanta.  Any one of those could be easily converted to an Ebola isolation center.  If more beds are necessary, Army mobile field hospitals could be set up.  This strategy would put the best medical minds and the best medical research facility in the world to work on finding a cure for Ebola.  It should not take long before they come up with effective treatment.  I am confident they could also develop a vaccine.  This strategy would save lives and effectively eradicate Ebola.

The world needs bold American leadership.  We need to stop listening to the counsel of our fears.  Courage, and bold action, will save African and American lives.  We have a chance to save the world.  All we need is faith in ourselves.

If you agree that American leadership, know how, and ingenuity, can end Ebola once and for all, please forward this e-mail.  We need to make our voice of confidence in America heard over the cacophony of fear.


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